jack in the box breakfast menu

Jack in the box is one of America’s favorite fast food restaurants. With over 2200 quick serve restaurants in 19 states and with variety of menu items to choose from, it is recommended that you visit the next time you are wondering on where to have a delicious meal. They not only offers the coveted secret menu but highly affordable dollar or value menu as well.

Most of their restaurants are open 24 hours which means you can have your favorite meal at any time of the day.

Their breakfast menu has a variety of food items or meals to choose from and what is more, they are delicious and highly nutritious. The breakfast menu items contain a lot of calories and other nutrients that are essential for a healthy living.

Below are the food items that make up the jack in the box breakfast menu and the choice is absolutely yours.

  • Big waffle stack
  • Blueberry muffin oatmeal
  • Waffle breakfast sandwich
  • Jumbo breakfast platter
  • Grilled breakfast sandwich
  • Bacon, egg and cheese biscuits
  • Meaty breakfast burrito
  • Steak and egg burrito
  • Sausage, egg and cheese biscuit
  • Sausage croissant
  • Supreme croissant
  • Extreme sausage sandwich
  • Ultimate breakfast sandwich
  • Breakfast Jack
  • Hashbrowns
  • Mini pancakes