jack in the box dollar menu

It’s always definitely more cheaper cooking meals at home but that is not possible some times. Being busy and having to attend to one task or another will make it almost impossible to cook your own foods at home and save some dollars in the process.

So what is the best option to eat out and don’t spend much on your meals? well, there are quite a number of ways including the use of coupons in restaurants and going for a dollar menu at your nearest fast food joint.

Many restaurants have a dollar menu but here i will be saying something about the jack in the box dollar menu. Can you get a dollar menu in jack in the box? is it worth the little it costs?

Although the prices of jack in the box menu depend on so many factors including but not limited to the location you are in, you can get a menu that costs a dollar, sometimes lesser or slightly more than a dollar.

As far as i know the following are some of the menu items that you can get for a dollar in most of the jack in the box locations;

  • Egg roll
  • Breakfast Jack
  • Side salad
  • Regular jack’s coffee
  • Jumbo jack
  • Hamburger deluxe
  • Chicken sandwich
  • Beef monster taco
  • Two regular tacos