Updated Jack in the Box Value Menu Prices 2024

Jack in the Box Value Menu: Finding a happy medium between price and quality is a constant struggle for many fast-food restaurants in today’s market. Fast food chain Jack in the Box, well-known for its broad menu and humorous ads, has met this challenge head-on with its appealing Value Menu.

The Value Menu at Jack in the Box has quickly become a favorite among conservative eaters without breaking the bank.

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Jack in the Box Value Menu

Jack in the Box Value Menu offers low-priced items. From Jack, Jr. to a 20-piece Chicken Nugget package, the Jack Value menu provides several options. Jack in the Box Munchie meals requires hunger.

Each Jack in the Box Munchie value meal includes a huge sandwich, chips, a drink, and two tacos! Value at Jack in the Box! Jack in the Box offers numerous dinner munchie meals at different prices.

Value Menu Breakfast Combos at Jack in the Box

Starting your day with a healthy breakfast from Jack in the Box Value Menu sets a positive tone. You can choose from different combos like Loaded Sandwiches, Jambo Platters, and Sausage Croissant. Plus, they offer coffee and smoothies to go along with it.

Grande Sausage BurritoCalories: 550-850$3.39
Grande Sausage Burrito – ComboCalories: 950-1040$4.79
Meat Lovers BurritoCalories: 800$3.39
Meat Lovers Burrito – ComboCalories: 950-1040$4.79
Sausage, Egg & Cheese BiscuitCalories: 440$2.99
Sausage, Egg & Cheese Biscuit – ComboCalories: 620-1690$4.29
Breakfast JackCalories: 350$1.59
Breakfast Jack – ComboCalories: 540$3.79
Mini Pancakes 8PcCalories: 140$1.00
Steak & Egg BurritoCalories: 520$3.99
Steak & Egg Burrito – ComboCalories: 700$5.09
Jalapeño Bacon Burrito (Limited Time)Calories: 540$3.69
Jalapeño Bacon Burrito – Combo (Limited Time)Calories: 840$5.09
Extreme Sausage Sandwich – ComboCalories: 680-1850$4.69
Extreme Sausage SandwichCalories: 680$3.29
Ultimate Breakfast – ComboCalories: 540-1640$4.89
Ultimate Breakfast SandwichCalories: 540$3.49
Sausage Croissant – ComboCalories: 680-1850$4.69
Sausage CroissantCalories: 480$3.29
Supreme Croissant – ComboCalories: 400-1500$4.69
Supreme CroissantCalories: 370$3.29
Grilled Breakfast Sandwich – ComboCalories: 740-1910$5.09
Grilled Breakfast SandwichCalories: 220$3.69
Jumbo Platter with Regular CoffeeCalories: 720$4.49
Jumbo PlatterCalories: 620$3.49
Loaded Breakfast Sandwich – ComboCalories: 740-1910$5.09
Loaded Breakfast SandwichCalories: 710$3.69
Sausage, Egg & Cheese Biscuit ComboCalories: 620-1690$7.19
Egg & Cheese Biscuit ComboCalories: 460-1530$6.39
Supreme Sourdough ComboCalories: 470-1540$9.59
Bacon, Egg & Cheese Biscuit ComboCalories: 500-1570$7.19
Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich ComboCalories: 540-1640$10.29
Bacon Breakfast Jack ComboCalories: 410-1510$7.29
Sausage Breakfast Jack ComboCalories: 530-1630$7.29
Loaded Breakfast Sandwich ComboCalories: 740-1910$10.29

Value Menu Chicken Combos at Jack in the Box

ack in the Box really knows how to make chicken dishes, and you can try them out on their Value Menu. They’ve got Homestyle Ranch Chicken, Grilled Chicken Club, Chicken Strips, Chicken Nuggets, and Fajita Pita. Plus, you can pair them with snacks, fries, and desserts.

Jack’s Spicy Chicken W/ Cheese ComboCalories: 600–760$12.88
Jack’s Spicy Chicken ComboCalories: 530$12.58
Homestyle Ranch Chicken Club ComboCalories: 730–760$13.38
Cluck Sandwich ComboCalories: 740$12.58
Spicy Popcorn Chicken Big Box ComboCalories: 1150-1690$8.99
Spicy Popcorn Chicken ComboCalories: 1510$6.58
Classic Popcorn Chicken Big Box ComboCalories: 1110-1650$8.99
Classic Popcorn Chicken ComboCalories: 260 $6.58
Chicken Teriyaki Bowl ComboCalories: 830-1180$12.49
Large Chicken Fajita Pita ComboCalories: 530 $13.6
Large Chicken Nuggets (10) ComboCalories: 480$10.1
Large Crispy Chicken Strips (4) ComboCalories: 390 $13.6
Large Crispy Chicken Strips (6) ComboCalories: 490 $15.98
Large Grilled Chicken Sandwich ComboCalories: 860 $13.1
Large Homestyle Ranch Chicken Club ComboCalories: 730–760$13.6
Large Jack’s Spicy Chicken® ComboCalories: 530$12.6
Large Jack’s Spicy Chicken® w/ Cheese ComboCalories: 600–760$13.1
Large Cluck Sandwich ComboCalories: 740$12.23

Value Menu Burgers and Sandwiches at Jack in the Box

On the Jack in the Box Value Menu, you’ll find a bunch of tasty burger and sandwich options. They’ve got combos like Buttery Jack with Loaded Cheese, Sourdough Jack with Onion Rings, Bacon Ultimate Cheeseburger Deal, Cheddar Onion, Buttery Jack Burger, and Spicy Sriracha Combo.

Spicy Sriracha – ComboCalories: 16$6.89
Spicy SrirachaCalories: 6$4.69
Jumbo Jack Cheeseburger – ComboCalories: 1120$5.99
Jumbo Jack CheeseburgerCalories: 720$3.19
Bacon Ultimate Cheeseburger – ComboCalories: 930-1280$7.29
Bacon Ultimate CheeseburgerCalories: 930$5.09
Ultimate Cheeseburger – ComboCalories: 1120$6.89
Ultimate CheeseburgerCalories: 820$4.69
Sourdough Jack – ComboCalories: 700$6.89
Sourdough JackCalories: 690$4.69
Bacon & Swiss Buttery Jack – ComboCalories: 890 $7.29
Bacon & Swiss Buttery JackCalories: 810$5.09
Classic Buttery Jack – ComboCalories: 820$6.99
Classic Buttery JackCalories: 790$4.79
Cheddar Onion Buttery Jack Burger (Limited Time)Calories: 820$5.09
Cheddar Onion Buttery Jack Burger – Combo (Limited Time)Calories: 920-1080$7.29
Upgrade to Medium Combo$0.59
Upgrade to Large Combo$0.99
Sub Curly FriesCalories: 171$0.40
Loaded Breakfast SandwichCalories: 710$3.69
Loaded Breakfast Sandwich – ComboCalories: 740-1910$5.09
Grilled Breakfast SandwichCalories: 220$3.69
Grilled Breakfast Sandwich – ComboCalories: 740-1910$5.09
Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich
Two Slices Of American cheese, Two  Cracked Eggs, Two Ham, And Bacon On A Warm Bakery Bun.
Calories: 540$9.99
Extreme Sausage Sandwich
2x The American cheese, 2x The Grilled Sausage & Cracked Egg On a Toasted Bun.
Calories: 680-1850$9.59
Chicken Cluck SandwichCalories: 700$6.59
Loaded Breakfast SandwichCalories: 710$3.69
Ultimate Breakfast SandwichCalories: 540$9.99
Extreme Sausage SandwichCalories: 680$9.59
Jumbo Jack CheeseburgerCalories: 600$3.99
Jumbo Jack BurgerCalories: 520$3.69
Jr. Jumbo Jack CheeseburgerCalories: 440 $2.49
Jr. Jumbo Jack BurgerCalories: 440$2.39

Value Menu Snacks & Sides at Jack in the Box

When you’re ordering from the Jack in the Box Value Menu, you can also pick from a bunch of sides and snacks. They’ve got French Fries, Seasoned Curly Fries, Monster Tacos, Onion Rings, Egg Rolls, Salads, and Stuffed Jalapenos.

jack in the box snakes and sides value menu jack in the box
Monster TacoCalories: 300$1.29
Nacho Monster TacoCalories: 400$1.69
Bacon Ranch Monster TacoCalories: 450$1.69
Bacon Cheddar Potato WedgesCalories: 930$3.09
Onion RingsCalories: 411$2.29
Egg Rolls 1PcCalories: 210$1.79
Egg Rolls 3PcCalories: 570$4.09
Stuffed Jalapeños 3PcCalories: 220$2.19
Stuffed Jalapeños 7PcCalories: 510$4.19
Side SaladCalories: 1080-1110$1.69
Spicy Nacho Curly Fries (Limited Time)Calories: 320$2.49
Seasoned Curly Fries (Large)Calories: 365 $2.49
Seasoned Curly Fries (Medium)Calories: 256$2.29
Seasoned Curly Fries (Small)Calories: 171$1.99
French Fries (Large)Calories: 665 $2.29
French Fries (Medium)Calories: 355 $2.09
French Fries (Small)Calories: 175 $1.89
Curly FriesCalories: 171 $4.29
Halfsie FriesCalories: 390$3.00
Onion RingsCalories: 220$4.69

Value Menu Drinks & Shakes at Jack in the Box

You can’t forget about drinks when you’re looking at the Jack in the Box Value Menu. They’ve got all sorts of drinks, including regular drinks, coffees, smoothies, Oreo and vanilla shakes, and other nutritious options.

Oreo-Shake (Regular)700$5.89
Oreo-Shake (Large)980$6.19
Chocolate-Shake (Regular)680$5.49
Chocolate-Shake (Large)960$5.99
Basic Witch-Shake (Regular)760$5.89
Basic Witch-Shake (Large)1080$6.19
Large Coca-ColaCalories: 370$3.61
Large Coca-Cola Zero SugarCalories: 0$3.61
Large Diet CokeCalories: 0$3.61
Large SpriteCalories: 230$3.61
Large FantaCalories: 390$3.61
Large Dr PepperCalories: 10$3.61
Large Diet Dr PepperCalories: 0$3.61
Large Barq’s Root BeerCalories: 400$3.61
Large Diet Barq’s RootbeerCalories: 0$3.61
Pineapple Express ShakeCalories: 600 $4.29
Oreo ShakeCalories: 520 $4.29
Strawberry ShakeCalories: 235 $3.99
Chocolate ShakeCalories: 396 $3.99

Desserts Delights on the Jack in the Box

When you’re craving something sweet after your meal, check out the desserts on the Jack in the Box Value Menu. They’ve got a bunch of options like cakes, mini churros, fruit cups, and mini cookies. Plus, they also have some sugar-free items available.

Chocolate Overload CakeCalories: 320$1.79
New York Style CheesecakeCalories: 310$1.59
Mini Cookies 5 PcCalories: 350$1.00
Mini Churros 10 PcCalories: 550$1.99
Mini Churros 5 PcCalories: 350$1.00

Budget-Friendly Kids Meal at Jack in the Box

At Jack in the Box, kids are treated like VIPs, and they get special deals on the Value Menu. One of the popular combos is hamburgers with chicken nuggets or cheeseburgers with chicken breast strips.

Cheeseburger-Meal (Side+Drink)Calories: 960$4.79
CheeseburgerCalories: 560$1.89
Hamburger-Meal (Side+Drink)Calories: 960$4.59
HamburgerCalories: 330$1.69
5 Chicken-Nuggets-Meal (Side+Drink) ComboCalories: 580 $4.89
5 Chicken-NuggetsCalories: 280 $2.39
HamburgerCalories: 330 $1.99
Hamburger ComboCalories: 330-660$4.99
Cheese BurgerCalories: 370$2.59
Cheeseburger ComboCalories: 415-700$5.39

Upgrades & Add-Ons in Jack in the Box Value Menu

Finally, the Jack in the Box Value Box lets you make it your own. You can upgrade your deals and combos just how you like them, whether it’s adding specific sauces, veggies, or other ingredients that fit your diet.

Upgrades & Add-Ons value menu at jack in the box
Jr. Bacon CheeseburgerCalories: 470$1.49
Big CheeseburgerCalories: 560$1.49
Value Drink 16 oz.Calories: 188$1.00
Value FriesCalories: 220$1.00
Add Cheese 1 SliceCalories: 113$0.30
Add Bacon 2 SliceCalories: 86$0.50
Add JalapeñosCalories: 28$0.25
Chicken SandwichCalories: 1140$1.29
Chicken Nuggets. 20 Pc.Chicken Nuggets. 20$5.09
Chicken Nuggets 8 Pc.Calories: 380 $3.09
Chicken Nuggets 5 Pc.Calories: 240$1.59
Jumbo JackCalories: 1040$2.59
Jr. JackCalories: 420$1.39
2 TacosCalories: 340$0.99


Simply put, the Jack in the Box Value Menu is a real treat for food lovers. It’s budget-friendly and has a wide variety of food options. Plus, you can customize your order at no extra cost to match your diet or preferences. To stay competitive, Jack in the Box often updates its Value Menu with popular and seasonal dishes. If you enjoyed this article, show some love by leaving a comment and turning on notifications for future updates.


The Jack in the Box Value Menu is a selection of affordable food items offered by the restaurant chain. It includes a variety of options like burgers, sandwiches, sides, and drinks at lower prices.

Yes, you can customize your order from the Value Menu according to your preferences. You can add or remove ingredients, choose different sauces, and adjust portion sizes to suit your taste.

Yes, Jack in the Box often offers special deals and promotions on items from the Value Menu. These can include combo meals, discounts on specific items, or limited-time offers on seasonal dishes.

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