Celebrate Jack’s Birthday with a Week of Free Food at San Diego’s Jack in the Box

Jack in the Box is turning a birthday into a full week of celebrations with a special offer for its fans. From May 13 to May 19, Jack Pack members can enjoy daily free food deals with any $1 purchase through the Jack app or online.

Here’s the schedule for the free food offers:

  • Monday, May 13: Free Jack Wrap
  • Tuesday, May 14: Free 2 Tacos
  • Wednesday, May 15: Free Chicken Sandwich
  • Thursday, May 16 (Jack’s Birthday): Free Jumbo Jack
  • Friday, May 17: Free Fries
  • Saturday, May 18: Free Fountain Drink
  • Sunday, May 19: Free Regular Size Shake

To take advantage of these offers, you need to sign up for the Jack Pack Rewards Program through the Jack app or on the Jack in the Box website. These deals are available to both new and existing Jack Pack members.

Who is Jack Box?

Jack Box is the well-known face of Jack in the Box. He has done it all – from being a rock star to running for president, winning poker championships, and even being featured on PEOPLE’s Sexiest Man Alive. But his favorite role is being the Founder and CEO of Jack in the Box. Jack always aims to surprise and delight his supporters, and this birthday celebration is his way of saying thank you.

Celebrate Jack’s Birthday with Your Favorites

Jack knows what his fans love. During his birthday week, you can enjoy a variety of Jack in the Box favorites like the Jumbo Jack, Tacos, Chicken Sandwich, and Jack Wraps for free with any $1 purchase.

In addition to these free items, there are limited edition treats available from April 8 to June 2, such as Popcorn Chicken, Spicy Tiny Tacos, and the popular Pineapple Express Shake.

About Jack in the Box

Jack in the Box Inc. is based in San Diego, California. It runs over 2,180 Jack in the Box restaurants in 22 states, making it one of the largest hamburger chains in the U.S. The company also owns Del Taco, which is the second-largest Mexican-American quick-service restaurant chain in the U.S., with around 600 locations in 15 states.

Don’t miss out on the week-long celebration of Jack’s birthday. Join the Jack Pack Rewards Program and enjoy your favorite snacks and drinks for free with any $1 purchase from May 13 to May 19.


Jack’s birthday celebration was a joyful and memorable event. He enjoyed the company of friends and family, delicious food, and fun activities. Everyone had a great time, and Jack felt very special. It was a day filled with happiness and laughter.


Jack’s birthday celebration included games, a delicious meal, and time spent with friends and family.

Jack felt very special and happy during his birthday celebration, enjoying the joyful atmosphere and the presence of loved ones.

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