Is Jack in The Box Open on Thanksgiving Day 2024

With a long history, Jack in the Box has become a popular fast-food spot, known for tasty burgers, tacos, and more. It started as one drive-thru in California and now has many locations nationwide.

Thanksgiving is a time for family and food. People might be wondering if Jack in the Box will be open on this holiday.

Jack in the Box will be open on Thanksgiving Day this year, just like usual. They’ll stick to their regular hours.

This means you can get your favorite burgers, fries, and more at Jack in the Box on Thanksgiving Day. Wondering about Christmas Day? Check here.

If you need a quick meal or late-night snack, Jack in the Box will be open for you on Thanksgiving.


Jack in the Box stays open on Thanksgiving so customers can still get their food. It also lets staff work if they want to. This fits with Jack in the Box’s goal of giving good food and service, even on holidays when other places might be closed.


Jack in the Box will open at its usual times on Thanksgiving. Check with your local restaurant to be sure.

Not all of them. Some might close for the holiday, while others stay open.

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