Jack in the Box Sauces Menu [Dipping/Hot/Taco]

Jack in the Box sauces menu, a prominent fast-food business, is known for its excellent burgers and crunchy fries, however, what separates it apart from other restaurants are its unique and savory sauces. Jack in the Box has an assortment of sauces that can improve the flavor of any dish, ranging from traditional ketchup to tangy mayonnaise.

A variety of tasty sauces are offered by Jack in the Box as dipping sauces to go with their menu items. In addition to the popular Buttermilk Ranch, they also have Spicy Sriracha, Honey Mustard, Teriyaki, Taco, and Tartar sauces.

These Jack in the Box dipping sauces are excellent on chicken nuggets, fries, onion rings, and other foods. They also give any dish a wonderful flavor boost. Visit: Dollar Menu and Secret Menu.

Jack in the Box Sauces Menu

Dipping Sauces

Size (g)
CaloriesTotal Fat (g)Total Carb/
Total Sodium
Buttermilk House21g110112/0160
Creamy Avocado Lime21g110121/0280
Franks Red Hot Buffalo28g1001/0730
Honey Mustard28g60210/9230
Jacks Mystery21g110113/2190
Sweet N’ Sour25g40010/8140
Pancake Sauce43g120031/2120

Sandwich Sauces

Size (g)
CaloriesTotal Fat (g)Total Carb/
Total Sodium
Creamy Bacon Mayo19120131/0190
Creamy Ranch1790101/1180
Creamy Sriracha22120131/1270
Garlic Herb Butter1490100/0150

Other Sauces

Size (g)
CaloriesTotal Fat (g)Total Carb/
Total Sodium
Fire Roasted Salsa241002/1120
French’s Mustard7500/080
Grape Jelly143509/60
Hot Taco Sauce7000/060
Kikkoman Soy Sauce91003/085
Ketchup (Packet)7500/0370
Mayonnaise (Packet)1290100/065
Gold N’ Sweet Spread5202.50/045
Secret Sauce143023/290
Sour Cream286052/125
Strawberry Jam1440010/90

Buttermilk Ranch

French fries, chicken nuggets, and practically anything else you can think of goes well with the Buttermilk House sauce. Jack in the Box makes this excellent dip using buttermilk and ranch flavors instead of mayonnaise. If you’re monitoring your calories or don’t like to dress up your veggies too much, it’s also great as a veggie dip for salads.

Honey Mustard

A classic sauce that complements practically anything is honey mustard. If you don’t like other sauces, this is a great substitute. The basic components of Jack in the Box’s rendition are rather straightforward: mayonnaise, onion powder, honey, yellow mustard, and garlic powder. The perfect balance of sweetness and tanginess in this sauce will make your taste senses dance.


The Teriyaki sauce is produced with a blend of soy sauce, sugar, ginger, garlic, sesame oil, and juice from pineapples. This special combination of flavors gives every Jack in the Box snack an instant Asian-fusion feeling with its sweet and savory taste.


What is the number of sauce varieties that Jack in the Box offers?

A variety of six sauces are available at Jack in the Box: Tartar Sauce, Taco Sauce, Honey Mustard, Buttermilk Ranch, and Spicy Sriracha.


The sauces from Jack in the Box are the ideal match for their menu items. There is a variety of varieties available, so there is something for everyone. Take your taste buds on a tasty adventure and try their unique sauces each time you visit Jack in the Box.

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