Jack in the Box Hawaii Menu With Price [2024]

The fast food giant Jack in the Box puts a unique spin on its menu items in the stunning Hawaiian setting. Embracing the island’s rich culinary traditions and satisfying local tastes, the Jack in the Box Hawaii menu delivers a one-of-a-kind dining experience by combining the chain’s classic favorites with a Hawaiian touch.

Jack in the Box Menu Hawaii

Introducing Jack in the Box! On the Hawaii menu, you can find:

Jalapeño Bacon Burrito – Combo$5.70
Jalapeño Bacon Burrito$4.13
Loaded Breakfast Sandwich$4.13
Loaded Breakfast Sandwich – Combo$5.70
Jumbo Platter$3.91
Jumbo Platter with Regular Coffee$5.03
Grilled Breakfast Sandwich$4.13
Grilled Breakfast Sandwich – Combo$5.70
Supreme Croissant$3.68
Supreme Croissant – Combo$5.25
Sausage Croissant$3.68
Sausage Croissant – Combo$5.25
Ultimate Breakfast$3.91
Ultimate Breakfast – Combo$5.48
Extreme Sausage$3.68
Extreme Sausage – Combo$5.25
Grande Sausage Burrito$3.80
Grande Sausage Burrito – Combo$5.36
Meat Lovers Burrito$3.80
Meat Lovers Burrito – Combo$5.36
Sausage, Egg & Cheese Biscuit$3.35
Sausage, Egg & Cheese Biscuit – Combo$4.80
Breakfast Jack$1.78
Breakfast Jack – Combo$4.24
Mini Pancakes$1.128 Pc.
Steak & Egg Burrito$4.47
Steak & Egg Burrito – Combo$5.70


Salted Caramel Shake$3.68Large
Salted Caramel Shake$3.12Regular
Oreo Cookie Shake$3.12Regular
Oreo Cookie Shake$3.68Large
Shake (Chocolate, Vanilla, or Strawberry)$3.12Regular
Shake (Chocolate, Vanilla, or Strawberry)$3.68Large
Smoothies (Strawberry Banana, Mango, or Strawberry)$3.35Regular
Smoothies (Strawberry Banana, Mango, or Strawberry)$4.47Large
Premium Roast Coffee – Hot$1.67Regular
Premium Roast Coffee – Hot$1.89Large
Premium Roast Coffee Iced (Original, Mocha, Caramel or Hazelnut)$2.00Regular
Premium Roast Coffee Iced (Original, Mocha, Caramel or Hazelnut)$3.01Large
Flavored Iced Tea$2.1224 oz.
Bottled Water$1.44
Orange Juice$1.89
Fresh Brewed Iced Tea$1.89Small
Fresh Brewed Iced Tea$2.12Medium
Fresh Brewed Iced Tea$2.34Large
Fountain Drink$1.89Small
Fountain Drink$2.12Medium
Fountain Drink$2.34Large

Snacks & Sides

Spicy Nacho Curly Fries$2.79
French Fries$2.12Small
French Fries$2.34Medium
French Fries$2.56Large
Seasoned Curly Fries$2.23Small
Seasoned Curly Fries$2.56Medium
Seasoned Curly Fries$2.79Large
Monster Taco$1.44
Nacho Monster Taco$1.89
Bacon Ranch Monster Taco$1.89
Bacon Cheddar Potato Wedges$3.46
Onion Rings$2.56
Egg Rolls$2.001 Pc.
Egg Rolls$4.583 Pc.
Stuffed Jalapeños$2.453 Pc.
Stuffed Jalapeños$4.697 Pc.
Side Salad$1.89

Burgers & More

Cheddar Onion Buttery Jack Burger – Combo$8.16
Cheddar Onion Buttery Jack Burger$5.70
Classic Buttery Jack$5.36
Classic Buttery Jack – Combo$7.83
Bacon & Swiss Buttery Jack$5.70
Bacon & Swiss Buttery Jack – Combo$8.16
Sourdough Jack$5.25
Sourdough Jack – Combo$7.72
Ultimate Cheeseburger$5.25
Ultimate Cheeseburger – Combo$7.72
Bacon Ultimate Cheeseburger$5.70
Bacon Ultimate Cheeseburger – Combo$8.16
Jumbo Jack Cheeseburger$3.57
Jumbo Jack Cheeseburger – Combo$6.71
Spicy Sriracha$5.25
Spicy Sriracha – Combo$7.72
Upgrade to Medium Combo$0.66
Upgrade to Large Combo$1.11
Sub Curly Fries$0.45

Chicken & More

Homestyle Ranch Chicken Club$5.59
Homestyle Ranch Chicken Club – Combo$8.05
Sourdough Grilled Chicken Club$5.59
Sourdough Grilled Chicken Club – Combo$8.05
Jack’s Spicy Chicken$5.14
Jack’s Spicy Chicken – Combo$7.60
Crispy Chicken Strips$5.25
Crispy Chicken Strips – Combo$7.72
Chicken Nuggets$3.4610 Pc.
Chicken Nuggets – Combo$5.9210 Pc.
Chicken Fajita Pita$5.36
Chicken Fajita Pita – Combo$7.83
Chicken Teriyaki Bowl$5.25
Chicken Teriyaki Bowl – Combo$7.72
Upgrade to Medium Combo$0.66
Upgrade to Large Combo$1.11
Sub Curly Fries$0.45

Jack’s Value

2 Tacos$1.11
Jr. Jack$1.56
Jumbo Jack$2.90
Chicken Nuggets$1.785 Pc.
Chicken Nuggets$3.4610 Pc.
Chicken Nuggets$5.7020 Pc.
Chicken Sandwich$1.44
Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger$1.67
Big Cheeseburger$2.79
Value Drink$1.1216 oz.
Value Fries$1.12
Add Cheese$0.341 Slice
Add Bacon$0.562 Slices
Add Jalapeños$0.28

Kid’s Combos

Chicken Nuggets$3.685 Pc.
Chicken Breast Strips$4.472 Pc.

Something Different

Turkey, Bacon & Cheddar Grilled Sandwich$5.03
Turkey, Bacon & Cheddar Grilled Sandwich – Combo$7.49
Deli Trio Grilled Sandwich$5.03
Deli Trio Grilled Sandwich – Combo$7.49
Chicken Club Salad$6.15
Grilled Chicken Salad$6.15
Southwest Chicken Salad$6.15


Mini Churros$1.125 Pc.
Mini Churros$2.2310 Pc.
Mini Cookies$1.125 Pc.
Chocolate Overload Cake$2.00
  • Signature Items:

Jack in the Box Hawaii takes pride in using ingredients and favorites from the local area in their menu items. The menu offers a wide range of dishes that combine flavors from the mainland with those from Hawaii.

The Hawaiian Teriyaki Bowls are iconic, and for good reason. They come with rice, your choice of protein (chicken or beef), and a scrumptious teriyaki sauce.

  • Seafood Delights:

Jack in the Box has added a variety of seafood selections to its menu, taking advantage of Hawaii’s abundant fresh fish. Tourists and locals alike can quench their cravings for Pacific Rim flavors with this quick and easy fast food option.

Dinner Menu | Lunch Menu

  • Appetizers and Treats:

Macaroni Salad offers a traditional Hawaiian comfort meal, while Pan iolo Potato Wedges honor the Hawaiian cowboy (pan iolo) culture with a blend of spices.

  • Limited-Time Offerings:

The Box-Based Jack In order to showcase seasonal ingredients or commemorate local events, Hawaii frequently presents limited-time products and promotions. Customers can try different flavors and the menu stays interesting with these special dishes, which encourages them to come back.


Jack in the Box’s Hawaii menu shows its dedication to local tastes while keeping its innovation. With mainland favorites and Hawaiian influences, the cuisine offers residents and tourists a unique and savory experience.

Jack in the Box Hawaii provides a wide variety of Hawaiian-inspired dishes, from basic fast food to Hawaiian-American fusion.

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